In this week’s podcast episode, I interview Jennifer Barcelos (CEO) and Sandy Connery (COO), co-founders of Namastream Software.

Jennifer Barcelos is an attorney, a change maker, a mother and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the Namastream Software platform and the Soulful MBA  school and community. Jennifer is also the co-founder of Three Degrees Warmer, a climate justice non-profit organisation. Prior to her journey into entrepreneurship, Jennifer served as a Gates Public Service Law Scholar and received a graduate degree in Environmental Science from Yale.

Our second guest on this week’s podcast is Sandy Connery, the co-founder of Namastream Software, Soulful MBA, and Connectable Biz Software.  Following an incredible twenty-year career in footwear, Sandy sold her million-dollar brick and mortar retail business and clinic. She now brings her business experience to the online space, where she loves to create a community, teach and inspire other women to discover the freedom and impact they desire.


Key points from this week’s podcast episode:


  • How you can use Namastream Software as an educational platform to showcase your expertise in your particular field of interest, upload quality content and teach students online
  • Empowering women and teaching them how to build and sustain a profitable business
  • The advantages of working with clients remotely
  • Scaling a business by expanding your niche and going against the traditional teaching of ‘niching down’
  • Advice on managing your team, letting people go and designing strategic processes and systems to streamline important tasks
  • Jennifer and Sandy reveal how they use apps and tools such as Trello and Slack to manage tasks, employee duties and metrics
  • The importance of finding a tool that works for you and your team that will help scale your business
  • How Jennifer and Sandy used Pinterest to generate quality traffic that grew by 400% in several months
  • Understanding your ideal clients and how to create content that speaks to your target audience

1. What is the one thing people fail at when they choose a new technology?

1. Jennifer advises that if you are starting to use new technology, you give yourself the time and grace to familiarise yourself with it as it can be quite intimidating at first.

 2. What’s your favourite technology and why?

2. Sandy reveals that her favourite technology is ConvertKit because it’s easy to use, it integrates with lead pages and Namastream.

3. What do you think is the next big thing in tech, and why?

3. Jennifer and Sandy discuss affiliate software and their mission to find an affordable, functional affiliate software that works for their business.


Important Links and Mentions from this Episode


Get in Touch with Jennifer and Sandy

If you would like to get in touch with Jennifer and Sandy or you want to find out more about Namastream, visit Soulful MBA to connect with the software, courses, community and their weekly podcast. You can also follow them on Facebook or join their Soulful MBA Facebook Group.

Here’s a short video where I talk with Jennifer and Sandy from Namastream about scaling your business without niching down:

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