Welcome back to another episode of Rewired for Success, where we continue our series of interviews with my special guest and close friend, Ross Dold.

Ross is the co-founder of EOSphere, specialising in governing and managing EOS blockchains. EOSphere was set up with the intention to launch the EOS blockchain and run its infrastructure. The company receives nothing but positive feedback and aims to circulate block producer rewards back into growing the community and EOS platform adoption.


Key points from this episode include:


  • Why Ross decided to base his business on EOS and why it’s important to him
  • How an application like cryptocurrency will run on top of the EOS blockchain software in a similar way that applications run on top of IOS and Windows
  • How to improve your online security with EOS and protect your funds from potential hackers
  • Using EOS to scale horizontally and scale thousands of transactions
  • The ease of using an EOS blockchain in your everyday life and with existing technologies
  • Ross explains the power of EOS and its ability to make blockchains go mainstream
  • EOS as a general-purpose platform and what that means for the modern-day developer
  • What blockchain governance is and how it will impact the future of technology and the internet
  • How Ross and his partner, Ken Hall, came together to launch EOSphere and build their team
  • Advice on setting up a team for your start-up business and why it’s essential to bring on team members that execute a specific skillset

Q: What is the one thing people fail at when they choose a new technology?

A: Ross explained that when some people see new technology, they try and find somewhere to fit it into their business. However, they should look for a problem and then seek out the technology you need to solve the issue.

Q: What’s your favourite technology and why?

A: Ross’ favourite technology to use is video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Q: What do you think is the next big thing in tech, and why?

A: Ross stated that the next big thing in tech would be Blockchain, which will be the next tech game changer.


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Ross Dold’s website

Ross Dold’s blog


Google Hangouts 

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Get in Touch with Ross Dold

You can find out more about Ross Dold and EOSphere on the company’s website and catch up with the latest EOS news on the EOSphere Steemit Blog.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Ross personally, you can send him an email via ross@eosphere.io and connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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