Hiring the right person for the job can be a difficult and often very stressful process. If you hire the wrong person or the wrong team of people, it can be detrimental to your business.

On the other hand, employing the perfect person for the job can transform your business, improve profits and increase hyper-productivity in the workplace.

Before you post an ad and hire the first person that walks through the door, take a moment to ask yourself a few essential questions:

  1. What kind of skills, experience and education are needed for this job role?
  2. What are the tasks that the employee will have to carry out?
  3. Why am I hiring this person?

Recruiting the right employee takes time, and you’ll have to put quite a lot of effort into the process if you want to hire the best person for the job. It’s wise to plan your employee recruiting strategy ahead of time and also create a checklist. Your checklist can include the basics of what you’re looking for in a potential candidate as well as a list of the things you need to keep track of throughout the hiring process.

So, now that we have that out of the way, let’s discuss how you can partner smarter in a way that’s right for you and your business:


Why Hire at all?

Some of you may be thinking about the lengthy and expensive process of hiring a successful team and think to yourself, why hire at all?

The hard fact is that when you hire someone, you ALWAYS pay a premium. Whether you’re hiring a contractor or someone on a part-time basis, you usually end up paying some form of agency or additional fees.

Of course, you can always go direct, via word of mouth or social media and receive a good referral that way. But when it comes to hiring someone with a specific set of skills or expertise, the process becomes much more difficult.

The challenge is to find an excellent referral for a potential candidate with a specialist skillset in the same area you’re looking for. You might be successful in your search, in which case, great! But in general, if you’re searching for someone with a specialist skill, they’re usually tough to find.


Partnering the RIGHT way

When you want to partner with someone professionally, you need to make sure that they will be a compatible fit for you and your company. You also need to consider how long you want your employee to work for you.

Is it better to hire someone full-time, or is it more beneficial to hire someone on a part-time or temporary basis?

When a corporate business hires someone, they usually bring them on and shackle them to a desk and ask them to do the same job for the next decade. After a while, the employee burns out. They grow tired of the same routine day in, day out because they can’t grow or evolve in that position.

Employing the right people is all about growth and scaling up your business, so ask yourself; do you want to hire a bunch of people and have them strapped to a desk for the next several years? Or do you want to hire the right person for right now?

I think we’ve moved beyond the fixed mind-set that full-time employment is the only way to hire someone. Instead, there is more strength to be had from working with a smaller team or even working with people remotely because you’re able to take all of these different ideas from all over the world and bring all of that knowledge to your own customers.

Partnering with “one-man bands” and small businesses adds more value to your business.

Paying for Outcomes

Many business owners have the mind-set that when hiring someone, they need to pay for their time when they should be paying for outcomes.

What do I mean by this?

Well, when you hire someone and pay them for their time, that’s usually all you get in return. But when you switch your perspective and focus on paying for outcomes, you can start linking the work to value, revenue and profit.

When you work with someone who has multiple clients, you can be sure of their ability to deliver valuable outcomes because they are agile and in a “hyper-performing” state of mind, which means they focus on getting results.

People like this are passionate about what they’re doing and will strive to keep you, as their client, satisfied. They also tend to charge less for their services and expertise than if you were to go through an agency, which means that not only are you getting a better service, but you’re also saving money.

Here’s a video where I discuss how you can avoid hiring yourself into a corner and learn how to partner smarter:

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