Welcome to this week’s podcast episode where I launch my new series of fascinating interviews with leading founders, CEO’s and CTO’s. This series is ideal for anyone who wants to take control of their business and rewire it for success.

In this week’s episode, I welcome my first guest to the show, Kyle Gray. Kyle is an entrepreneur and bestselling author who helps start-ups and small businesses grow with content marketing.

He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create scalable content marketing strategies for their businesses, by helping them create a compelling storyline that drives sales, growth, and engagement.


Key points from this episode include:


  • Kyle discusses his journey to success, which started with him working for a start-up (WP Curve). They provided WordPress fixes to small businesses, but their business really took off when they developed content and built their ‘story’ around helping businesses to grow (they went from zero to 7 figures in 3 years)
  • Kyle launched his own content marketing business, The Story Engine
  • How to make the connection between stories and scaling a business
  • Using compelling content to help drive sales and business growth, and the importance of setting up systems
  • Discovering how you can transform your story as an entrepreneur into influential content that speaks to your audience
  • The processes, people and technology that has helped Kyle scale his business
  • Why Kyle is considering expanding his team in 2018
  • Advice on how you can use technology and management tools to connect with your audience and enhance your strengths
  • The importance of interactive technology to help scale your business

1What is the one thing people fail at when they choose a new technology?

1. Kyle reveals issues in the marketing world, including the overuse of automation via professional social networks such as LinkedIn. He also offers suggestions on how to overcome these issues, including the video email software BombBomb.

2What’s your favourite technology tool and why?

2. Kyle discusses his favourite technology tools and software programs including BombBomb. He also loves Zapier, which has made it easier for him to “Frankenstein” various software’s together to create functional systems!

 3. What do you think is the next big thing in tech, and why?

3. Kyle predicts the future of tech and speaks about the power of interactive content and chatbots to help build a broader audience and establish a loyal following.


Important Links and Mentions from this Episode

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Get in Touch with Kyle

If you want to find out more about how Kyle can help tell your story and create amazing content online, visit The Story Engine, where you can enjoy a series of free articles and interactive quizzes.

His book, The Story Engine, outlines his process for making content marketing and brand storytelling easy and effective, so don’t forget to grab your copy today! Kyle’s also active on Twitter and you can follow him @kylethegray.

Here’s a video of my interview with Kyle where we talk about how to 10x your content marketing:

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