In this podcast episode of Rewired for Success, where we continue our series of interviews with professionals from established businesses.

Join me as I discuss ‘the power of the team’ with Doc Norton, CEO of OnBelay. OnBelay provides process coaching for teams and leaders to companies where software delivery is a strategic advantage. Doc Norton and I share the same belief that with the power of a team, anything is possible. Doc Norton is also a published author of the book, “Escape Velocity


Key points from this week’s podcast episode include:


  • How OnBelay helps developers improve their code-writing skills and allows organisations to think about how they deliver and organise their products
  • Converting your passion into a business and applying your strengths to overcome difficulties in business and your everyday life
  • How to reorganise the structure of your organisation to drive out ‘bad behaviours’ and improve efficiency
  • The difference between working with enterprises Vs working with start-ups
  • Understanding that you have to think strategically and plan for unpredictable outcomes
  • The ‘Real Options Theory’ and how you can use it to recognise your options at the right time
  • Why your team should depend on autonomy, connection, excellence and diversity to make smarter business decisions
  • Doc Norton reveals information about his latest book, ‘Escape Velocity’ and how you can use metrics to advance software delivery

Q: What is the one thing people fail at when they choose a new technology?

A: Doc Norton believes that a lot of organisations in software development fail to pay attention to feedback and to use it to ‘hit market’ and be successful.

Q: What’s your favourite technology and why?

A: One of Doc Norton’s favourite tech tools is Garage Band to mix sounds and create songs. He also uses ‘Air Table’ for processing and project management.

Q: What do you think is the next big thing in tech, and why?

A: Doc Norton predicted a large growth in Fintech, which has gained a lot of buzz and new jobs for a lot of people. He also referred to IOT technology and notes how some companies are using it very strategically in software delivery.


Important Links and Mentions from this Episode:

Doc Norton’s book Escape Velocity 

Doc Norton’s website

Garage Band


Process Street – our show sponsor


Get in Touch with Doc Norton

 Doc Norton is the author of ‘Escape Velocity’, which is about metrics for agile software teams. It goes into the phycology of metrics and how you can use metrics to diagnose root cause problems in teams and help make your software delivery better. Get a copy of his fantastic book right here.

If you want to get in touch with Doc Norton and learn more about him and OnBelay, visit or send him an email at

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