Welcome back to another episode of Rewired for Success, where we continue our series of interviews with those making it BIG in scaling their business. In this podcast episode, I speak with Clay Green from Enthusiasticlay.

Clay is the Chief Enthusiasm Officer at Enthusiasticlay, where he helps entrepreneurs, executives and engineers elevate their focus and productivity. Entrepreneurs like you can learn how to experience your BEST “in the zone” moment every day by simply watching a short and easy to digest 10-minute video packed with insights and advice on how you can be a superhuman performer.


Key Points from this episode include:



  • Clay’s journey from his “Forest Gump” High School education to his experience working as a Nuclear Operator in submarines for the U.S Navy, to building computer chips for Intel and finally, launching his company, Enthusiasticlay
  • How Clay’s physics background and passion for training people to ride motorcycles helped save his own life when he hit a deer while riding a motorcycle
  • Understanding that your natural reaction is not always the right reaction
  • Why you should start to think before you react if you want to achieve true victory
  • The concept that all of us are chasing the “State of Flow” and with some practice, you can learn how to get “in the zone” every day
  • Your job as a leader is to make sure your team is in a flow, and the best way to do that is to make sure they think before they react
  • The importance of “getting intimate” with your team and establishing the state of flow in the workplace
  • How to identify the four stages of flow: Struggle, Release, State of Flow and Recovery and how to advance through each of the stages
  • Developing your consciousness and how to get your brain “out of your mind’s way
  • The brain is your most powerful tool – learn how to use it and learn how to exercise it to operate the way you want it to
  • The power of meditation and why you should start meditating if you want to become more productive

Important Links and Mentions from this Episode:


Clay’s website

The Get It Done Mastermind

The E3 (enabling, empowering, enthusing) Monthly Membership Program

The Rise of Superman book 


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